Wire Protection With Liquid Tape

I have noticed that there are several places under the hood where the tape around wires or hoses has started to come undone. It appears this is a cloth backed electrical tape.

I had seen a product advertised as "Liquid Tape" from Harbour Freight. I decided to try some and see how well it would work in re-taping the ends that were coming undone.

Here is an example of what I am talking about.

This is what the product looks like and cost $5.49. Directions say to apply a second coat within 10 minutes. Seemed to me it took about 5 minutes to dry. Then allow 4 hours before use. It says it may be used under the hood so I am hoping that it holds up to the heat.

I trimmed the excess tape that had come undone and then just brushed it on.

It matches well and you can not tell where it starts and ends, it just all kind of blends together.

Here is a pic showing all the ends that were loose that I sealed back up.

Easy clean up when wet and if you miss something just wait for it to dry and it peals off.

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