Engine Detailing

I am always willing to find a better or faster way to keep the Bullitt looking its best. Living in Arizona, my main problem is just dust settling on the engine. Usually I will take a nice quality paint brush and just dust everything that I can easily get to.

This works well for the flat surfaces and the hood insulator also.

For the smaller places I use a air compressor to blow the dust out.

This does a good job unless the area has more than just dust, for example around the master cylinder reservoir where you get some venting brake fluid. Or maybe around the radiator cap or power steering cap.

Recently I purchased one of the small household Steam Cleaners. I bought a Eureka "Big Shot" off of Ebay. I was not too sure how it would work out but for the price it was worth a shot, no pun intended.

Where the steam cleaner really shines is in the small areas where there may be residual oil or grease of something that is holding the dirt in place. Also textured surfaces like the lettering on the master cylinder cap.

The Big shot will run for 10 minutes continuous on the 1 cup of water reservoir.

The amount of water you actually use is very small and is probably less than if you were just using a spray on cleaner. I am not a fan of leaving the water on the engine so I only clean a small section at a time and then use the air compressor to blow dry the area.

Well I liked the little Hot Shot so much I decided to get the next size up, 370A. This one has a little higher wattage at 1140. Also it holds twice the water and will be a little more useful around the house. I mainly wanted the 6 foot hose and the trigger for the steam at the end of the hose instead of on the heating unit.

If you are like most Bullitt owners, you are probably running out of good excuses to spend money on the Bullitt. Another advantage of the steam cleaner is that you can buy it for the HOUSE and just borrow it every now and then to use on the Bullitt.

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