Shifter Lever Modification

After installing the Tri-Ax shifter and shift handle I noticed that the Tri-Ax handle is shorter in height than the OEM but it is also shorter in reach from front to rear. I liked the shorter height but the shorter reach had me reaching for the shifter in third gear. To adjust the reach I fabricated a bracket that allowed the shifter to set the shift lever back about one inch. This fixed the reach problem that was not there when using the OEM shifter.

After installing the Tri-Ax shifter with the Tri-Ax shift handle, I and most others noticed an increase amount of transmission noise resonating from the shifter handle.

The OEM handle is isolated from the transmission using rubber inserts.

Many people believe that the rubber adds to a less than positive feel when shifting. The noise has become annoying and I have decided to go back to the isolated OEM shifter and to modify it slightly to try and keep it lower than OEM.

With the OEM shift ball you can see where the stem of the ball will get close to the shoulder of the threaded shaft. If I am going to be able to lower the knob very much then I will need to lower the shoulder on the shift lever.

Here is a pic of the OEM shifter with the Ball installed.

I took the shift lever and ground it down flush with the stem. I was able to lower the shoulder about 1/2" before I was into the angle of the shifter.

After I lowered the shoulder as far as I could go I went to see how far the ball would go down so I could measure how many threads I could remove.

I found that the OEM shift knob had a rubber plug inserted at the bottom of the hole.

By removing this alone I was able to lower the knob 1/2". Along with the 1/2" lowered shoulder I was able to remove about 5 threads. Then I smoothed the top part of the stem out with a Dremel tool and reduced the size of the first thread so it would thread easily. Total, this gave me one inch lower than the OEM height.

Here is a pic of the OEM modified shifter.

Here you can compare the OEM shifter, OEM Modified shifter and the Tri-Ax shifter.

It is about 1/2" higher than my lowest setting that I had before but the reach is the same as when I had the extension bracket in and the noise is gone.

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