Shifter Mod

For me, when the shifter is all the way forward it is just about an inch too far to reach comfortably.
Also at times when grabbing first gear my knee would be too close and almost hit the shifter.
And the shift lever was too tall for my liking and the shift ball was too small for my hands.
Ok enough bitching.

I added the Tri-ax shifter and used the Tri-ax shift lever also.
But I got tired of the noise and vibration of the set up. This setup did not help with reaching Third gear either.
I went back to the Original shift lever and just cut it down some.
Then I ground down the shaft so I could cut new threads into it and make it even lower. This made the height livable. Almost as low as the Tri-ax shift lever.
I did not like the triax shifter stem with the optional high setup sticking up so I cut that off.

Next I needed the shifter back about an inch. The shifter sets to the left of center as it is, so just going straight back with the factory rubber isolator and shift lever was getting very close to the shifter bezel once everything was put back together.

So I made a plate that would move the shifter back about an inch. I then cut the OEM stem off of an extra shifter I had to fill the gap because I needed the right side flush to give me an even surface to bolt the shifter isolator to.

Last I added a right plate even though it will not be bolted down to the front two bolts it will still keep the shifter from twisting and minimize any movement. I doubt it would move but just for the heck of it. I already had the plate made from a previous mod. I used a small plate to compress against the rubber that originally bolted to the left side of the shifter stem. You could use washers but I already had the plate.

I could have made the plate longer to make it so that I could put a nut on the front bolts but I would have had to go back like another 1/4" and if you go back much further the arc of the shifter increase and again the shifter is getting very close to the shift bezel when it is back together. So I compromised with only one plate securely fastened.

NOTE: The OEM shifter rubber isolator has metal bushings inside that get sandwiched between the bolts and the stem. This part will be tight and not allowed to move. The shifter is sandwiched with rubber inside the holes and around the outside. This design cuts down on the noise and the harshness of shifting.

Now for the Knob. I had ordered several different knobs but the one I liked the best was a 2 1/8" knob. It fit my hand well and I did not have to worry about a shift pattern lining up. The stem on the ball is really short and my fingers would sometimes hit the shift boot. This was pretty picky but it was annoying. So I ordered a shift knob stem. It did raise the shift knob height up a little more than I liked but I will live with it for now and just keep an eye out for a different size of stem.

NOTE: The new knob stem was made for an 08 and had a lower flange that the boot would slip over. This flange was too large for the 01 boot so I just cut it off at about the same diameter of the shift boot.

Below is a picture of the shifter mounted on the right side of the shifter stem.

Here is a picture from the right side.

Here is a picture with the original shift ball. Original is where first gear would have been. New shift ball is where 3rd gear is now.

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