Shifter insulation

I took 3X5 index cards and laid them down around the shift boot and cut and taped them until I had a template that looked like the one below. I used an Exacto knife to cut the foam. It does not have to be a precise fit.

Here is the foam installed.

After I installed the foam I realized the lighter receptacle was into the foam. So I notched the area on the top right to clear the lighter. I put it all back together and held the lighter in after it had popped out and then quickly removed the shift bezel. I could not feel any heat around the foam. So I am guessing that it is enough clearance. I never use the lighter anyway so I doubt it would be an issue for me. Your choice though for how much clearance you leave.

Below is a link to a word doc with the template. If you print it out it should be close to the dimensions I used.

Shifter Insulation template.doc.

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