Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter Set Back Modification

After having the Tri-Ax for almost a year I decided to address the fact that the shifter was about one inch too far forward. I could have went with the MGW adjustable shifter lever but it tilts the threads back and places the shifter at an angle. If you are using a ball knob then it probably would not make much difference. But I am using a Cobra leather shift knob that likes to be in the vertical position.

I decided to make a bracket that would move the shift lever back about an inch.

This is what I cam up with using...

  • Two pieces of 1/8' steal about 40mm square with four mounting holes.
  • 4ea #8 30mm 1.25 steel bolts
  • 4ea #8 1.25 safety nuts
  • 8ea rubber washers
  • 12ea flat washers

Here is the shifter with out the small boot. Earlier I had cut and moved the large boot down around the Tri-Ax shifter, when I moved the shift lever down to the lower position.

To put the shifter in the lower position and to keep the Steeda Washer that keeps the boot from getting pinched, I needed to trim some of the boot off. It has a lip that is about 3/16 of an inch that would interfere with the bracket in the low position.

I placed rubber washers between the transmission lever and the shifter lever in between the new bracket, to help minimize the noise.

The shift lever is directly inline with the transmission lever. This would prevent any twisting of the lever due to the handle being mounted to the side. I DOUBT there was very much if any twisting to begin with but this is more correct.

Also the shift lever is over about 1/2 inch to the right from before.

Here is a picture of the bracket in place with out the outer shifter boot.

This picture shows both 1st gear and 2nd gear placement after the mod.


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