Steeda tri-Ax Shifter Installation

Here are some pics of my Steeda Tri-Ax Installation.
This is the Factory Shifter and knob in First gear.

This is the Factory Shifter and knob in Second gear.

1. Remove the shifter knob

2. Grip the plastic chrome at the rear where the boot meets and pull up slightly about 1/4 inch.

3. Once this pops up, then you can pull the entire trim piece straight back (like towards the dome light) This trim is held in by four compression clips. Make sure they stay with the trim that you are removing and not fall out.

4. Disconnect the lighter, the entire plug rotates so it is easy to find the latch on the connector to release.

5. Set the trim someplace where the helpful neighbor will not set on it while you are not watching.

6. Remove the four bolts that secure the dust boot assembly.

7. Remove the four bolts holding down the factory shifter.

8. Lift the factory shifter out. There may be some ATF on the bottom of the shifter so have a rag ready as you remove it.

9. Remove the factory sealant around the shifter housing. I just used a razor blade.

10. Pull the plastic cap off the factory shifter and transfer it to the Tri-Ax. IF the cap is NOT on the shifter then look inside the transmission.

11. Put down a small bead of gasket sealant around the shifter housing and mount the shifter in place using the four new bolts that came with the shifter.

NOTE: This is where you would normally adjust the shift stop. However Tremec has released the following message.

NOTE:From Tremec dated 03/01

Tremec Transmissions
Service Bulletin 03.01

After market Shifter Stops

Transmission Models Affected:
Severe damage may be caused by installing an after market shifter with "shift stops" on any TREMEC transmission. All TREMEC transmissions are designed and manufactured with built-in shift stops to prevent over shifting. Therefore; shift stops on after market shifters are totally unnecessary when used on a TREMEC transmission. TREMEC "TR series" transmissions have multiple shift rails with shift stops on the gearing. TREMEC "T series" transmissions have a single shift rail system with stops built into the guide plate.

When installing an after market shifter on a TREMEC transmission it is best to remove the shift stops to avoid miss adjustment, and the potential of the screws vibrating lose. A misadjusted shift stop can cause an under-shift, which may lead to a gear jump-out situation. If the transmission jumps out of gear, the shift fork can be bent causing permanent damage to the transmission. Shift forks can also be damaged by "clash shifting". A clash is caused by a missed shift.

Neither an "under-shift", nor a "clash shift" can be prevented by shift stops. TREMEC shift forks are designed to take loads up to 1,000 lbs. However, a gear jump-out may well exceed 1,000 lbs. of force, which may result in a permanently damaged transmission.

I removed mine.

11. Install the big washer around the shifter, this is supposed to protect the boot from getting caught in the shifter.

12. Replace the small boot over the new shifter.

13. Replace the large boot

14. Your choice here to use the top position or the bottom position for mounting the shifter handle.

15. Tighten the bolts down.

16. Replace the trim ring and boot, don't forget to let the neighbor help, let him hand it to you. Connect the lighter power then simply align up the tabs and push it straight in. It will pop into place.

17. Screw the knob on.

New Shifter and Knob in First gear

New Shifter and Knob in Second gear

Torque values.
2 shift lever bolts 27 lb-ft
4 inner boot bolts 89 inch pounds
4 shifter bolts 13 lb-ft


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