Sequential Turn Signals Installation

My Kit came with one module for each side and a new electronic flasher, plus all the connecting hardware and instructions.

The hardest part of the mod is getting all the trim off, the actual modification to the wiring is a piece of cake.

First thing I did was to swap out the relay. It is tucked away under the dash by the center console. I had removed the trim under the steering column, but if you know where it is you can remove it with out removing anything. It is about level with the radio and on the left side of the center console under the dash. Here is a pic of the replacement flasher in place. It is blue and the original is Yellow.

The next thing to do is to remove the tail light assemblies. Need to remove the some trim in the trunk first. Center of the trunk where the trunk latches is a plastic cover with FOUR plastic retainers. They go in easy but hate to come back out. I gently pried them up a little with a screwdriver and then was able to work a pair of needle nose pliers underneath them and was able to pry them up this way. You may want to put a rag between the needle nose and the trim to keep from scratching it.

Next Unscrew the plastic retainers that double as the cargo net anchors. Remember righty tighty lefty lucy. One of mine was loose and the other I swear was put on with super glue...

After these are out you can remove the long piece of carpeted trim.

There are 5 nuts, 10 mm I think they were, that hold the tail light in on each side. Three along the top and one near the bottom on each side.

To get to the ones on the outside you need to pull aside the side piece of carpeted trim. There is a plastic keeper at the top, upside down. It comes off easily. After this was off I was able to just pull the side piece back to gain access to unscrew the two nuts on the outside.

NOTE:On mine, the top middle bolts on both sides, had some type of compression washer on it. I had to pry this washer up and twist it off with a pair of needle nose.

Disconnect the wiring harness at the plug anchored next to the light and push the rubber grommet through to the rear.

Carefully slid the light housing out the rear, you may want to slide a rag underneath before removing the housing so as not to scratch the bumper.

After the housing is out you can go to the work bench and follow the instructions for the wire hook up.

Basically you are going to

  • Add one wire to the inside bulb socket
  • Cut two wires going to the outside and middle lamp
  • Connect 3 of the new ending wires to wires on the new modules
  • Connect a wire from the module to the new wire you added to the socket along with one of the new ending wires
  • Splice in a black wire from the module to ground wire

Add the new wire



I choose to solder the connections instead of using the 3M splices provided with the kit. This will take you a little longer to do.

Lay the housing in the trunk and plug it in and try the turn signal to make sure it is working.

Tie it all up nice and neat, it sounds a lot more difficult than it is.

Once you are sure it is all working, reverse the steps and put it all back together.

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