Mach 1 Chin Spoiler Installation

When the 2003 Mach was first shown I immediately liked the way they did the chin spoiler on the front. Ever since then, the front of the Bullitt has somehow looked undone. Another plus was I liked the way it looked in black so there would not be a need to have it painted to match. The part number is 3R3Z 17626-AAA and is available from Ford or you can find them on line.

Stock front bumper

Here is the Mach 1 Chin Spoiler

There are two ways you can install the spoiler, either flush at the ends by the wheel wells or flush with the front of the bumper cover. Ford installed it with the wheel well edges flush, so that is how I did mine also. This will leave about 1/4" overhang by the bumper cover.

I held the spoiler in place using spring clamps on the ends and then just drilled the center hole with a 1/4" bit, while making sure the spoiler was laying flat,

Picked up some fasteners from NAPA for $4.99.
Drilled the rest of the holes. Then simply pressed the fasteners into place.

New look for the front.


  • For the two very end fasteners you may need to cut the side of the fastener head of so it will fit in the smaller area.
  • Also when you are drilling through the spoiler and into the bumper cover, the drilled plastic can coil out and get stuck between the spoiler and the bumper cover. If it is bad enough it could produce a gap between the two.
  • Just incase you are wondering, you can still use the Rhino Ramps with the spoiler installed. I did not find out until I was backing DOWN the ramps.
  • This is a very quick mod, so quick the neighbor Vern did not even get a chance to stop by before I was done and cleaned up. It will take him a week before he notices.

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