Ford FR500 Steering Wheel Installation

I decided to install the FR500 Steering Wheel. It is a little thicker than the stock wheel and the left and right sides are covered in perforated leather that matches the seats nicely.

The wheel comes with a complete seat of instructions. If you are replacing your steering wheel please follow the instructions that comes with your wheel. Below are some pictures and general descriptions of how I changed mine out.

The instructions have tons of warnings about the air bag going off. Guess if one was afraid of the air bag going off then they might want to have the dealer install their steering wheel.

Make sure the wheels are STRAIGHT.

Disconnect the battery (8mm Box end) and wait one minute, according to the directions, ahhhhh, I think I will wait more than a minute! Disconnect the negative side FIRST, this way if the wrench slips on to part of the car it does nothing, where as if you disconnect the positive side first and slip you will short the battery out. Then disconnect the positive side. I Found my positive cable LOOSE, not tightened at all.

There are two cover plates on the side of the steering wheel column. Remove these.

If the neighbor has made it over to see what you are doing, do not let him touch these. He will put them in his pocket and loose them. Matter of fact we probably don't want the neighbor around this one at all. Maybe we should send him to the store to buy a gold plated Torx head bit, size number 20.5 tamper proof should get him out of the way....

Remove the 8mm bolts on each side.

At this time the air bag is just setting there.

Lift up on the Air bag and disconnect the air bag electrical connector.

Remove the bag with it pointing away from you take the bag and set it someplace out of the way with bag pointing up.... This is why we don't want the neighbor around... you know he would be over there poking it with a stick or something..

Disconnect the speed control switch connector at the top of the column.

Remove the steering wheel bolt using a Torx #50 bit.

Disconnect the spade connectors that go to the horn switches.There is one on each side at the top.

Using an Allen wrench unscrew the four bolts that hold the left and right horn switches in place.

Underneath the horn switches are two Philips head screws that hold the steering wheel back plate on. Remove these now. This will allow a little more room for the gear puller to get under the steering wheel.

The directions call for a 2 prong Gear Puller to remove the wheel. I tried the standard steering wheel puller that threads into the wheel, but it is pretty soft aluminum and one side pulled out. Not fun.

Remove the steering wheel.

Now you can remove the cruise control switches. Notice how the wires are run before you remove them.

Here are both wheels side by side

Install the speed control switches on the new wheel.

Install the steering wheel.

Torque the wheel bolt down to 32 foot pounds.

Install the Philips screws that hold the backplate.

Install the horn switches, make sure the plate with the hole for the 8mm bolts that hold the bag in are facing out...

Connect the cruise wiring plug and push it back down on its seat that it was resting on.

Connect the two horn connectors.

There is a plastic housing that also held the wires on the top right, carefully put the wires back in the holder.

Connect the air bag and lay it in place.

Install the 2 each 8mm bolts and then the cover plates.

Connect the battery. Positive side first. Then the ground...

Since the computer has been reset by removing the battery power you will need to drive the car so it can reset some of its basic settings with your engine components. I normally just drive down the highway at a steady speed for like 15 minutes then turn around.


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