Heated PCV Cooling Tee

On some of the 2001 Bullitts, Ford installed a heated PCV. They did this by inserting a "Tee" in the 3/4" heater line and running a metal line around the PCV and then to a 3/8" fitting on the intake where water passes through. The heated PCV is to keep the valve from freezing at -40 deg F.

Many Bullitt owners have experienced the plastic "Tee" breaking with age.

Most automotive parts stores carry the "Help" product line. "Help" has a 3/4" X 3/4" X 3/8" fitting labeled "HELP Heater Hose Tee #47112" that can be used to replace the "Tee" fitting if it breaks.

Many owners have deleted the heated PCV by Removing the "Tee" fitting and inserting a 3/4" connector and then using a 3/8" plug to cap the intake manifold.

The other method is instead of inserting a connecting 3/4" line is to get the Ford Motorcraft non PCV heated "Heater Hose" that goes from the firewall to the rear of the intake manifold.

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