Oil and Filter Change

Changing the oil and filter is pretty easy and easier than a lot of V8's.

Things you will need.

  • Oil, 5-6 quarts, (some Bullitts report needing 6 quarts to bring it up to full with a filter change.
  • Oil Filter, Motorcraft PN is 820S
  • Oil filter wrench
  • Oil drain pan
  • Ratchet and 16mm socket (5/8" is same as 16mm, this is why a lot of cheap ratchet sets used to not include 16mm because they thought you already had one)
  • Oil drain pan

If the engine is cold, then it is a good idea to take it out for a short drive to warm the oil up, especially if you are taking an oil sample.

I prefer to use the drive up ramps instead of jacking the car up.

The drain plug is located on the driver's side of the oil pan.

Place the drain pan under the drain plug.

Remove the drain plug.

If you are taking an oil sample, let the oil flow for a few seconds before collecting the oil.

After the oil is drained, replace the drain plug, manual calls for 19 lbs of torque.

Next is the oil filter

To keep from having to clean a bunch of oil where the oil runs down when removing the filter, I place some foil underneath for easy cleanup.

Back the filter off with the filter wrench

Allow the oil to drain from the filter and remove, there will still be quit a bit of oil in the filter when you remove it. Try to keep the bottom up while removing to keep from spilling.

Take the new filter and put a thin film of new oil on the rubber gasket.

Install the new filter. Everybody says to only turn the filter 1/4 turn after the seal contacts the engine.
I normally go at least one full turn. But that is just me. I guess you could run the risk of ripping the threaded flange out of the filter.

Hard part is done. Pour in the 5 quarts of oil.
Note the correct orientation of the oil bottle, the spout is on top to allow air to flow into the bottle to prevent the glug glug splash splash.

Put the oil cap back on.

Start the engine and let it run for a few seconds, this will allow the oil filter to fill back up with oil. Wait a minute for the oil to drain back down to the oil pan and check the oil level.

Credits: Some of the photos were taken by my assistant, Leah.
She started off with wanting to pull the Bullitt up on the ramps. I negotiated her down to taking photos and pouring oil.

Odds and ends
The oil I drained had around 5,500 miles on it and had been in the car for around 16 months.
It was Motocraft semi-synthetic 5W-30. I found Motorcraft Full synthetic at my independent Ford parts distributor for like $6.35 a quart. So I thought I would do an oil analysis on the semi- synthetic so later I could compare the semi and full synthetic test results.

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