Repairing Curb Damage

Well you know it is eventually going to happen, one day when the rim meets the curb. Seeing as how the wife does not drive the Bullitt, I could not even blame it on her. Found plenty of replacement rims for around $150. But I really did not want to spend that. So I thought about just cleaning it up and seeing how well it would come out. What did I have to loose?

Here is a picture of the damage.

I used #180 sand paper and just kept sanding down the damaged area. I went about an inch past the damage on each side. There were couple of pin holes that were deeper but I decided to leave them instead of taking that much more off the edge. After the #180 I cleaned it up with some #2400, almost feels like note book paper.

Here it is afterwards and ready to be clear coated.

Looks good enough to me. Bought some clear coat spray and masked the wheel off. Gave it like three coats. The clear coat does not look very smooth but the directions say to wait like 3-4 days and then polish it with a light polish. I will try that or just use the #2400 paper.

P.S. I know I know the rotors are rusty. I had washed the car the night before and had not taken it out.

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