Headlight Knob Removal

If you are changing out your Head Light knob, you will need to remove the OEM one first. Unless you have done it before it is easy to get frustrated and start tearing things up.

So here are a few pictures and explanations.

Pull the Headlight Knob all the way out and rotate it counter clockwise till it stops. You should be able to now see the slot with the keeper inside.

Insert a small screw driver into the slot and push the metal keeper to the rear of the car. It may be easier to hold the knob with your right hand and then push the release towards the rear of the car. There is not a lot of movement when you release the keeper, it is just a pressure fit.

Here is a view of the Triangle shapped rod after removing the knob.

Here is a better view of the knob with the keeper from the side

Push the keeper towards the right, releasing the tension on the triangle rod.

Here is a view of the keeper from the back of the knob.

Here is an outline of the how the triangle rod fits into the knob.

To install the knob simply push the knob on.

You won't believe how easy it is till after you have done it.

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