Cleaning the MAF Sensor

The MAF sensor is used to tell the computer how much air is entering the engine.
If the sensor is dirty or oily it can make the engine run rich.
Cleaning the MAF sensor is pretty simple and straight forward.

You will need

  • #20 tamper proof Torx bit. NOTE: The tamper proof bit has a hole in the middle of the bit.
  • A cleaner made for electrical wiring that DOES NOT leave a residue.

If you do not want to remove the MAF sensor from the MAF tube you could just remove the MAF tube and you can still spray the sensor resistors without removing the sensor from the tube. If you are changing the air filter then you already have it out.
I prefer to remove the sensor.
Tamper proof Torx bit and the screw.

Disconnect the MAF plug.

Unscrewed the two #20 Torx bolts.

CAREFULLY lift the sensor STRAIGHT up. The wires inside are very small and fragile and fit down in to a tube in the MAF.

Now that the sensor is removed from the MAF tube move to where you have room to work.

There is an O-Ring that seals the sensors from air entering from the sensor housing. You just want to make sure that it looks to be in good condition. There may be a small ring of dust you can wipe off.

Close up of the sensors.

Here is the MAF sensor and the MAF spray.

Simply spray the two exposed resistors with the MAF spray. The spray will evaporate quickly.

After cleaning the wires you can Carefully set the MAF sensor back onto the MAF tube. MAKE sure the O-ring does not fall off.

Tighten down the #20 Torx bolts and reconnect the MAF plug.

If you had a DTC code that turned on the Check Engine Light, you can either disconnect the battery for like 15-30 minutes to clear the code, along with all of your learned fuel trims. If the car was running poorly you should be able to tell immediately if this fixed the problem.

If this fixes the problem, the Check Engine Light will turn out on its own after 3 consecutive COLD starts.

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