BULLITT Serpentine Belt

With only 7700 miles I thought I would install a new Serpentine Belt. My reasoning was because I like to have a spare.

Called the dealer and they did not stock it but would have to special order it. I asked if it was the same as for the GT and they said no, it was different.
PN 8620, Belt number JK6-947-A

Did a little research and thought I would try the Goodyear Gatorback Poly-V belt. Called the local dealer from the Goodyear website and they did not show a listing for the Bullitt. For the GT they showed a 4060935.
That breaks down to a 93.5 inch belt with six ribs wide.

Called another Ford dealer and he said he did have the belt, I asked if he knew what size it was and he said it was 93.5 inches long. Whoops... Called another dealer and he looked up the Bullitt belt, said he had to order it and that it was 94.7 inches long. OK this made since because our water pump pulley is larger than the standard GT.

So the Bullitt belt is 94.7 inches long.

Called the Goodyear dealer back and he had a belt in either 94.5 inches or 95.0 inches. I went with the 94.5 inch belt which in theory should make it .2 inches smaller, should not be a problem.

Gatorback part number is 4060945 or the metric part number is 6PK2400.

Belt went on no problem.

Measured the old belt and it was a little under 95 inches. So all of that adds up.

After I got the belt off.... I found a HOLE in the middle of the width of the belt. Rubber was missing from inside and outside of the belt had four cracks spreading out from the hole. Guess it will still do for a spare.


Update March 2011

After 8 years I decided it was time to change the belt, idler pulley and tensioner.

I noticed that one of the online auto parts houses were calling for the Bullitt belt to be 94" long instead of the original 94.7"
I decided to order one and see how much that .7" difference made.

I installed the 94" belt but it was pretty tight. The tensioner was almost maxed out.

Below is the picture of the 94" belt install.

Also the angle had changed on the tensioner enough that the belt was actually touching the housing of the tensioner. I was able to seat the belt by pulling against the tensioner and then running the engine for a second to make sure the belt aligned.

Below is a picture of how much clearance I had. Close but if you had to it seems like it would be ok.

For me the belt was too tight and I decided to go back to the 94.5" belt.
Here are some manufactures and their part numbers for the 94.5" belts.

  • Dayco 5060945
  • Goodyear 4060945
  • Gates K060945
  • Metric 6PK2400
  • Micro-Rib 945K6

Below is a picture with the 94.5" belt installed.

I drew a line through the tensioner bolt and the idler pulley bolt so you could see the difference.
It does not seem like that much, about 1.5". But in degrees it is probably like 6-7 degrees.

Since Motorcraft discontinued the OEM 94.7" belt I am going to continue to use the 94.5" belt.
Not sure why the parts house was using the 94" length.

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