Air Filter Replacement

If you buy your filter at the Ford dealer make sure you take enough money. The Motorcraft filter runs around $30.00, you can get after markets for around half that.

Changing the filter is a simple process and only requires a few tips to make it even easier.

The Manual shows a FA 1634 filter but recently Ford changed this to a FA 1632 so don't beat the parts guy up for giving you the wrong filter.

I like to remove the air filter box and the MAF sensor as an assembly.
1. Unplug the MAF sensor
MAF sensor

2.Disconnect the air inlet tube from the throttle body at the top and then disconnect the it from the MAF sensor. This will give you enough room to remove the air box and MAF.

3. Remove the 8mm bolt located at the top of the air box on the fender.

4. Tilt the air box towards the center of the car and then tilt it up and out. The snorkel in the fender well is what is keeping you from just pulling it straight out.

5. Put the air box someplace where you have room to work. No reason to do it under the hood because you know the neighbor Vern can stop by and before you know it pick it up and drop it on the engine. Now this probably won't hurt anything but it is when Vern leans forward to pick it up and places is hand on the radiator overflow tank and bends it is what we are trying to prevent here.

6. You do not need to remove the snorkel, I did just so you can see how the filter sets and where the filter gets dirtiest first.

7.Unclamp the ring that holds the air box and top together. Take a second to see how it fits in place. It only goes on one way correctly.

8. Remove the top and pull the filter out.

9. Clean out any loose dirt or sand from the air box.
Notice a difference here?

10. The easy step would be to put the filter in the air box and then put the lid on and clamp it down. However the filter is a tight fit and the lid likes to go on first.

11. So I put the filter onto the flange on the lid and then align the key on the filter box and lid

12. I use a screw driver to press the edge of the filter into the box.

13. Install the clamp and flip the lever back into place.

14. Back to the car. Hopefully Verns wife has called him home for dinner.

15. Rotate the filter in to the fender well.

16. There are two rubber feet on the bottom of the air box that fit into holes by the fenderwell. Put these in first and then line up the hole for the 8mm bolt.

17. Start the bolt and then tug on the bottom of the air box to make sure the rubber feet are engaged in the holes.

18. Finish tightening the 8mm bolt.

19. Connect the MAF sensor, if you forget to connect the MAF sensor, it will start but you will be very disappointed in the performance.

20. Connect the top of the inlet hose at the TB and tighten the clamp.

21. Next connect the inlet hose to the MAF sensor.

22. There is flange on the side of the MAF that the tube will butt up against. This way you know the tube is on correctly.

That is it.

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