Mustang Mods

MGW Shifter Install
MGW Shifter Install
Upgraded the shifter to the MGW shifter, WOW

PIAA Head Lamp Bulbs
PIAA head lamps
Upgraded the headlamps

Shift Lever Mod
Shift Lever
Shift lever mod, not for everyone

EBC Brake Pads
EBC Brake Pads
Looking at some different brake pads

Ford FR500 Steering Wheel Installation
FR500 Steering Wheel
Upgraded to the FR500 steering wheel

Mach 1 Chin Spoiler Installation
Chin Spoiler Installation
Added the chin spoiler that was available for the MACH 1

Sequential Turn Signals Installation
Sequential Turn Signals
Modified the turn signals to flash sequentially

Steeda tri-Ax Shifter Installation
Tri-Ax Shifter
Upgaded the OEM shifter to the Tri-Ax shifter

Shifter Insulation
Shifter Insulation
Mod to quiet some transmission noise

Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter Set Back Modification
Shifter Set Back Mod
Simple modification to help keep some of the noise down

Shifter Mod
Shifter Mod
Setting the shifter back using the OEM rubber isolators

Gear Tables
Gear Tables
Need to see what RPM and MPH for your gear, here you go

Bosch Design III Injector Upgrade
Fuel Injector Upgrade
Upgarded the OEM fuel injectors to an improved design

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